By Denise Baton


Final Cut cover Margot O'Banion isn't a tough detective or a tough anything really. She's a beautiful freckled redhead with a sharp eye for fine details. Her talent has won her a hard-earned respect in tinsel town for her enviable editing ability. You wouldn't think that would make her a target for murder. She just so happens to be in love with Max Skull, a director in his prime. And we all know that's a precarious position in Hollywood. When this lovable but crazy couple are on location for the final scenes of the latest Max Skull film and all hell breaks loose, it's up to Margot to put things right. If she doesn't figure out who blew up the editing truck, who kidnapped the assistant director and who's doing what to the poor innocent cats, who will? If it weren't for the leading man, Margot wouldn't even be alive to tell the story. All this excitement occurs on an extremely private ranch in a remote Northern California valley with a high security system that even J. Edgar Hoover would envy. Right in the middle of all this movie-making intrigue, Hollywood sends their hatchet man to decide the future of Max Skull's career and the terrorized film crew has to act like everything is just great during one of the strangest dinner scenes ever. Who spawned the hatchet man? What happened to the famous editor who mysteriously disappeared and how, exactly, is Margot O'Banion going to get out of the clutches of those two old ladies? You'll have to read FINAL CUT to find out.

Copyright 2000 Denise Baton