By Denise Baton

Bestselling author Barbara Seranella comes up with another winner in her latest book of the series featuring the female mechanic, Munch Mancini. In UNFINISHED BUSINESS Munch learns about the Stockholm Syndrome and the fact that rapists are not all alike. They are generally classified into four different types: the opportunist, the inadequate, the sadist and the one who thinks he's entitled. To Munch's horror she also learns that two widely publicized rape victims are clients.

A limousine business owner, Munch is exposed to the wealthy and glamorous. The obvious concern is that Munch may indeed be acquainted with the creep who killed the socialite and traumatized a young starlet. Munch's good friend, homicide detective Mace St. John, is the only one who takes Munch seriously when she offers her ideas on the case. Munch, who is raising a daughter and considering an increased commitment in a love relationship, finds she is reassessing her own sexual past and possible future as she risks everything in her desire to do the right thing.

When Munch drops by to check on the withdrawn starlet, she discovers that the woman has disappeared. The surprise ending musn't be revealed, but I will tell you that the psychological horror and suspense come second only to the action. No matter what, you gotta love Barbara's prose. She has an incredible way of making the understatement play. For example:


"Munch darted for the driveway. She pulled the small pocket screwdriver from her shirt pocket as she ran. If he managed to catch her, he'd learn new meanings of the word, uncooperative."

Read Seranella's work and exist for awhile in the skin of Munch Mancini. She's lived a life and she's accumulated a store of no-nonsense wisdom along the way.

Copyright 2001 Denise Baton