Mysterical-e, an on-line mystery magazine, is open for submissions. We are looking for stories in all mystery categories from cozy to hard-boiled, and also cross-over stories that combine mystery with other genres such as fantasy, SF, supernatural and Western. Whatever the genre, the quality of the writing is the most important element.

The editors at Mysterical-e are dedicated to the promotion of short mystery fiction and the development of emerging writers. As fellow writers, we understand how frustrating the submissions process can be, so we're trying something new with Mysterical-e. Send us your best mystery short fiction and, if it's not ready for publication, we'll tell you why not and offer suggestions on how it can be improved. We encourage everyone from whom we request a rewrite to give it their very best effort -- we'd much rather accept than reject!


  • No payment, but a chance for your work to be published on-line and available to the world!

  • All mystery genres and cross-overs considered; story must include a crime element; we are open to, but may choose not to publish, graphic language, sex and violence; such elements will be considered in the context of the story.

  • Length: Fiction up to 3,000 words; mystery-writing related non-fiction up to 5,000 words.

  • Send story/article to in the body of the e-mail; no attachments please.

  • No query letter or bio is necessary, but DO include your email address and name. Stories will be published under real or pen names, but not email IDs.

  • Please submit only one story at a time and do not submit a second story until you have received a response to your first.

  • Our unique system includes a "resubmit" option, in which we will ask an author of a promising story to revise it based on our critique and resubmit it to us. Each story is eligible for two resubmits, after which, if it is not accepted, it will be rejected.

  • Accepted stories are posted to our website. Stories are collected into issues periodically and sent to our subscribers.

  • Authors retain all rights to their work, but grant us permission to publish it on our website and in ezine format.