By Jodie L. Ball

As if a blizzard and a funeral weren't enough, someone has deposited the body of a dead woman on the doorstep of Sewell & Sons Family Funeral Home.

The identity of the young woman is quickly revealed. She's Helen Waggoner, a waitress at Sinbad's Cave, a dive located near the airport.

Hitchcock Sewell has one burning question: Why was she dropped off at Sewell & Sons? With the encouragement of Bonnie Nash, Hitch's meteorologist girlfriend, Hitch begins an investigation of his own. As he learns more about Miss Helen Waggoner, he finds a trail of porn films, men, and deceit.

But the more information Hitch uncovers, the more questions pop up. Who would want Helen dead? Was it the unknown father of her unborn child? Was it Helen's sister? Or maybe it was the father of Helen's first son.

Hearse of a Different Color is Tim Cockey's second novel in the "Hearse" series. For those who are already fans of Hitch's quick wit, Hearse of a Different Color is sure to please. For those new to the series, Hearse of a Different Color is a find.